365,000 Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a picture every day for a year is worth three hundred and sixty-five thousand words, right?

I’ve been wondering why I haven’t written more during my travels. I mean, that was one of my “plans” before I left my home and everything else behind, with not much more than a one-way ticket.

And as I delve into my very first NaNoWriMo, it occurs to me that I have, in-fact, become very rusty when it comes to writing. But it’s not like I haven’t been documenting my travels – I have. But instead of publishing my thoughts and photos on my own blog, I have been feeding them to the Facebook advertising machine.

So, from here on in, I will attempt to post, at minimum, a picture every day. Occasionally it will be accompanied by my thoughts, but I want to keep the task as minimal as possible, so that I stick to it. Like this guy, who ran one mile and drank one beer every day – for three years! And if Seth Godin can dish out amazing pearls of wisdom every day then surely I can at least post a picture.

The main criterion is that the photo itself must tell some sort of a story. I know this is a very very vague filter, but I don’t want to restrict it too much, because I know that the restrictions will then become an excuse not to post.

So without further ado, here’s my first picture.

Go to this page to view all the photos in the project.

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