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This past week, I have worked hard at pushing my new app, Symphony.

My co-founder and CEO, Marc Mekki, and I have been trying every avenue to make sure we get heard. We’ve been tweeting, Facebooking, advertising, contacting journos and telling everyone we meet about our brand new app – we’ve even got someone dressing up as Beethoven on Monday – yes, it’s a lot of fun.

Then last week, we got “hunted” on Product Hunt. We knew we had to get a large number of votes very quickly^, so I did something I’d never done before and wrote an email to send to my personal contacts about the app. I sent it to about seven people, before I stopped – it felt wrong. While there is nothing wrong with telling my family and friends about the latest project I’m working on – I’m proud of it and genuinely believe that it’s a great product – it’s just that I couldn’t remember the last time I’d written a real email/letter to anyone on my list.

While I am in regular touch with my closest family members and friends via the plethora of instant messaging platforms we have, over the last few years, I hadn’t really taken the time out to actually write a letter. It felt like, and it was true, that I was only writing a letter now because I needed their help. I felt ashamed.

So, I stopped after the first few emails.

But it did get me thinking about how little long-form correspondence I’ve had with people who I care about. I used to be an avid letter writer when I was at boarding school. It’s impossible to write a letter to everyone on a regular basis – I can count at least two dozen people on my close friends and family list. And then there are the tens of people who I’ve met on my travels and throughout the ten schools I’ve been to. I want to keep in touch with as many people as possible – and not just at a time when I need their help.

So here’s what I want to do to rectify this. I’m going to write a weekly email of what’s happening in my life – as a conversation starter – and then I would love for you to reply with updates from your life – or for more discussion on something I mentioned. But I’m not interested in spamming anyone (especially not my family and friends), so if you’re interested in a weekly snapshot of my life – sign up to this list.

Why a weekly “newsletter”?

  1. There’s many people I care about. Writing an individual long form letter to every one of those is impossible – even with my time-optimism problems.
  2. Having said that, if you do reply to me, I will get back to you – guaranteed.
  3. I work on a lot of projects – paid, free, volunteer – etc – and I’d love your feedback on them.
  4. I want to use these emails as a way to get you to tell me about your life too – which is not always an easy thing to do off of a blank slate.
  5. A weekly email also doesn’t put any pressure on you to reply – and I don’t have an expectation off you to do so – but it would definitely warm my heart if you did.
  6. While this is intended for family and friends, anyone is welcome to get on board.
  7. Lastly, this is also a way to keep myself accountable. I’m always coming up with a billion ideas and 99% of them lie abandoned in the not-so-distant past. I’d love for you to keep me accountable – and I’ll do the same for you – if you want me to.

Why should you care? You shouldn’t.

This is definitely a self-indulgent project because I think that you may care about what I’m up to and want to know more than just my Instagram/Facebook feed. I’ll also be posting a slightly more public version of my emails on this blog to develop a writing habit, and if you’re that way inclined, you can just start a public conversation in the comments.

Of course, you’re welcome to just email me regardless of all of this. You know my email address.

I’m expecting a grand total of 3 people to sign up to this – and that includes my mom and sister, so let’s see how this goes.

If my past attempts forming a writing habit are any indication, I expect this to fail in 2 weeks from now.

 ^ We didn't get the votes, but we got some great feedback
 * Feature image by Aaron Burden at Unsplash

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One thought on “Let’s start a conversation

  1. Hey Sahil! The approach is right and I’m convinced you’ll get tones of emails soon so better prepare yourself! Fingers crossed and looking forward to your news 😉

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