Stop Getting Redundant Chrome-Facebook Notifications (OSX)

TL;DR: Multiple Facebook notifications are annoying, here’s how you stop them.

So, you’re all tech savvy and stuff, running the (current) best browser Chrome 46, on (arguably) the best desktop OS (OS X El Capitan 10.11.1) and then you go to your favourite time-sink website, Facebook, to waste your days staring at pictures of your ex while slowly telling yourself she doesn’t deserve you anyway and how your life is way better without her in it and… I digress… So, Facebook shows you this handy popup:

FB Chrome popup

And you think, Yes, I definitely want to know as soon as somebody likes the picture(s) of my lunch, without having to switch tabs and look at one of the many Facebook tabs I already have open, so you click “Allow” and give yourself a little pat on the back for making technology work for you. Except, you already enabled Facebook notifications on your Mac, which means that now, when somebody accidentally clicks like on the half-assed iPhone-clicked over-processed image of your sorry salad, you’ll get two notifications – a little annoying (not counting the notifications on your phone, tablet, smart watch, google glasses, smart car, smart sheep, etc).

It gets disproportionately annoying though when you get a message via Facebook messenger – you get a notification from Chrome’s desktop notification (the one you enabled above), from OS X’s notifications and Goofy’s notifications (remember, you’re tech savvy, so of course you use a website-wrapper client to use Facebook Messenger, I mean, c’mon!) – three fucking notifications! Of the same fucking event.

So anyway, you go to Chrome extensions and you looks for the Facebook notifications setting. Well, it’s not there. So you go to Settings, you find it, it takes about 5 minutes of your life and you get back to the pictures of your ex but that’s five minutes of stalking and sulking you will never get back!

So here’s the easy way to do it:

Remember when you clicked the “Allow” button, the dialog was ‘popping’ out of the lock icon?

  1. Open Facebook in a tab (but really, it’s already open in 3 tabs)
  2. Click the lock icon in the address bar (on the left)lock-icon
  3. Look for notifications – choose “Always block on this site”.

  4. Reload page to apply settingsnotification-reload
  5. Yet another #firstworldproblem solved

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